Compaq computer & laptop repairUAE Technician are providing for Compaq computer & laptop repair

Our repair service, for the Compaq computer & laptop repair, solves any problem that your computer & laptop has.

We solve any problems with your Compaq computer & laptop, whether it is a software problem (Windows errors, viruses and Trojans, configure e-mail, etc.) or hardware (Do not turn on the Compaq laptop, overheating, graphic chip failure, hard disk failure, screen break etc.).

The main Asus computer & laptop repair that we make of hardware are:

  • Repairing Compaq Laptop Motherboards. Compaq Laptop
  • Repair notebook or laptop graphics card Compaq.
  • Internal cleaning of Compaq notebook fans and heat sinks.Compaq computer & laptop repair
  • Repairing the Compaq Laptop Motherboard Current Connector.
  • Repair of TFT and LED screens of any size and replacement of internal fluorescents.
  • Repair of the hinges that hold the screens.
  • Repair of inverters.
  • Replacement or expansion of hard disk, memory, processor …
  • Repair of keyboards and replacement of keyboards.
  • Repair or replacement of fans.
  • Optical drive replacement (DVD + CDRW, DVD-RW and Blue-ray).
  • Elimination of viruses, Trojans, spyware and malware.

All repairs we make are warranted. Pricing Compaq computer & laptop Repair.

We have a store in Dubai in case you want to bring us the computer. And enjoy the cheapest rates. If you cannot bring your computer and if you wish, we can pick it up and give it to you. If you want the repair done at your home or company we can do the technical intervention on the spot. (Some repairs cannot be done at home because they need special machinery such as infrared, ovens, ultrasonic, etc).

We always make a previous estimate completely free and without commitment. If the budget we make does not satisfy you, you will not have to pay anything.

If you need to repair your Compaq computer & laptop and want a professional and competent repair service, do not hesitate and choose UAE Technician.

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Compaq computer & laptop repair