Losing your important data is disastrous, especially if it is was somehow done by you. But fortunately, when you delete a file from your MacBook, you actually don’t delete the file. Instead, you just remove its entry which makes the space available for writing new data. Once the new data occupies that space, it’s become pretty hard to retrieve those overwritten or replaced file through any software. Have you accidentally deleted your important files on MacBook and do you want to restore it? Don’t worry, you can still restore your deleted trash items via Time Machine backup or you can opt for MacBook data recovery services.

Typical ways of getting files and folders deleted on a MacBook:

Listed below are some of the common yet absurd ways in which the files and folders get deleted from your MacBook. These deleted files are not even present in the Trash folder anymore. Let’s take a look at the ways of data loss:

  • Dragged the files directly to the computer and restarted the computer
  • Emptied the Trash on a regular basis to remove the deleted files
  • Deleted the files permanently by using these keys together “Option + Command + Delete.”
  • Removed the files by clicking on the Finder menu and selecting the option “Empty Trash.”
  • Deleted the files by selecting and clicking on the “Delete immediately” option from the File menu
  • System hacking or computer virus attack
  • Deletion of files due to file system corruption, database corruption, power failure

In case the deleted file crosses the limit of 30 days, it will be automatically removed from the Trash folder of your MacBook.  Do you know that you can find it in the Time Machine back up? Time Machine is the built-in backup feature of MacBook. This feature backs up all your files and folders to an external location and provides you the liberty to restore it later.

Simple procedure to recover deleted trash items via Time Machine backup:

Losing a file or folder can be a pain for the MacBook users, but you can recover and restore those files by following some simple methods:

  1. Click the Time Machine icon and choose the Enter Time Machine option
  2. If the icon is not present in the menu bar, click on the Apple Menu. Choose System Preference from there
  3. Choose Time Machine and then select Show Time Machine in the menu bar
  4. Browse the backup folder in the Time Machine
  5. Use up or down arrow keys to navigate through the folder and find the required file
  6. Choose the file which you want to recover and then click on “Restore” option

If the above methods failed to restore your deleted data, then you need the assistance of an expert for MacBook data recovery services.

Take a glimpse of our specialized MacBook data recovery Services:

Our team of proficient experts at UAE Technician provides the best MacBook data recovery service in Dubai. They use different software to recover trash items from your MacBook. These software scan the storage device to search fragments of files to make Mac Data Recovery possible. They are experienced in recovering data from different sources irrespective of the cause which is responsible for data loss. Usually, we recover data and information from these sources:

  • Recover your deleted files from a formatted hard disk and emptied trash bin
  • Restore your removed files from a virus-infected Mac device or from a crashed Mac operating system
  • Restore your deleted files and folders from failed or formatted hard drives

Reach us for affordable Mac data recovery services:

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