It often happens that when using the navigator it turns out that the data on the map of the navigator has become outdated and does not correspond to reality. In such cases, you need to make changes to the maps of the navigator. Many car enthusiasts do not know how to update the maps on the navigator. Not familiar with this process, they present this as some kind of complicated and costly procedure . However, in fact, this process is quite simple, which even an unprepared car owner can perform themselves. Consider this process using the Navitel navigation program as an example.

How to Update Navitel Maps

You can make changes to the maps and thus perform the update in three ways:

The first option is to use your own computer and the program from Navitel (Navitel Navigator Update Center);

The second way is to use your own computer and the official website of Navitel;

The third way is to enter data from your browser that has an Internet connection.

All these options can be implemented provided that the car navigator was bought in the store and it was equipped with a licensed version of the software from Navitel.

The First Way to Update Navitel On Your Navigator

The program module Navitel Navigator Update Center (NNUC) is designed to correct the information contained on the cards. It can be found on and downloaded for free to your personal computer. Thus, before you update on the map navigator, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • We install Navitel Navigator Updater, following the instructions of the software installer of the Windows operating system.
  • When the installation is complete, start the Navitel Navigator Updater. At the same time, the program automatically scans the updated database, in which case it reports on the need to install them in a personal computer.
  • Click the Next button and follow all the instructions, install all updates.
  • We connect the navigator to the PC via a cable through the USB connector as a removable disk.
  • We are launching the NNUC program, which will conduct an auto search of external equipment. When the equipment is correctly connected, the program identifies the navigation device. Select the available equipment from the list and press the “Next” button.
  • If new changes are detected, NNUC will prompt you to update the software to the latest version. To perform this instruction, click “Next”. In case the NNUC does not find the corresponding file in the navigator’s memory, you must manually determine the search route using the “Select” button located near the address of the desired file.
  • Select the latest version of the updated Navitel Navigator software. If the software replacement is not “on”, you can update Navitel on the navigator slowly, at any time when you only need to get new maps, then select the “Do not update application” item.
  • After the selection of the correct version of the program is made, the NNUC will issue a message about updating the maps. Note the required cards and initiate the “Update” option. In this case, the old maps will be irretrievably removed.
  • If you need to update Navitel on the navigator, then, selecting the software version, you should click the “Update” option, and NNUC will download the new program and install it in the navigator.
  • The updated maps will be automatically downloaded.
  • If you need to download additional maps and update them, you can use the “Other Updates” option.
  • At the end of all procedures, you exit the program by pressing the “Exit” button.

At the end, you must perform software shutdown of the external USB memory and disconnect the computer from the computer. Thus, the software update is completed and you can start the navigator with the updated maps.

The Second Way How  to Update The Navigator Navitel

This method also requires a personal computer with Internet access. To find out how to update the navigator, visit the site of the navigator software maker. Then follow the steps below:

  • Register and open your own user cabinet.
  • In the “My devices” section, you need to add a new device.
  • Upon request, enter the license key for your software, which may be in the shipping box of the device you purchased in the store or recorded in the file RegistrationKeys.txt on the USB flash drive in the navigator. After entering the key, the program checks its legality and, if the result is positive, includes new equipment in the personal account with links to available new updates. Click the appropriate links.
  • On the page that opens, select the required version of the program that is appropriate for your browser, and maps of the required regions. Make the download of the selected files. For volume maps, you need a fast Internet connection.

After downloading files, you need to unpack the archived files and connect the navigator to the USB port of the computer through a special cable from the navigator. The Windows 7 computer will automatically identify the external device and will prompt you to download the necessary drivers and programs.

  • For security reasons, copy the Navitel folder from the navigator’s menu to your personal computer so that you can restore the previous work of the navigator if the updated program does not work on it or will work worse than the previous version. Next, delete all the information in this folder, except the files NavitelAuto_Activation_Ket.txt or Registration_Key.txt.
  • Move the updated program to it. If necessary, you can update the files using the activation keys.
  • Define the folders that contain the navigation maps. In this case, the route of our search is obtained as follows: ResidentFlash / NavitelContent / Maps. Other software vendors for navigators will have different names for the files. For security reasons, it is recommended that you keep old cards on your computer so that they can be restored in case of failure with new card settings.
  • After that, you need to download all downloaded files from the Internet to the navigator folder with new maps. Since they are large, the copying process can take a long time.
  • The updated program installed on the navigator and new navigation maps should be checked for promptness and correct operation. Start the navigation mode and monitor the mode. The first time the new program will run longer than usual due to the re-registration of all changed maps. So it is advisable to update Navitel maps every six months. More frequent updates are ineffective, as they will contain very few changes that will be virtually invisible to users.