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The screen of your Lenovo laptop and computer is extremely fragile. It’s no wonder that every year, accidental damage leads to the break-up of thousands of laptop screens. If you have a broken laptop screen after closing the lid while there was something on the keyboard or if your Lenovo laptop has fallen off, do not think about buying a new laptop right away. UAE Technician offers fast and cost-effective solutions to your Lenovo laptop screen replacement services.

The Lenovo laptop screen replacement alternatives less expensive

If your Lenovo laptop is relatively new, but has a broken screen or a faulty display, there is no need to buy another laptop. UAE Technician can replace the broken screen of your existing Lenovo laptop for a lot less than the cost of a new laptop.

Screen problems on Lenovo laptops may have other causes than physical damage. If a computer & laptop screen, which is physically intact, does not have a display or shows distortion of the display with strange lines and colors, it is likely that it is the failure of a computer. Internal component, such as the graphics card, which causes the crash.

It also happens that broken screen problems are caused by a faulty inverter that feeds the screen. Inverter replacement can be done quickly and cost-effectively to resolve the Lenovo laptop display failure without replacing the screen.

Lenovo laptop screen replacement dubaiDoes your laptop and computer have an LCD screen that is fuzzy or very dark? The screen switch on your Lenovo notebook may be locked in the closed position. In this mode, the backlight stays off. In this case, you do not need to replace the LCD because this fault is often due to a defective component that can be easily repaired or replaced.

Is your Lenovo notebook’s LCD white or the display blurred? This may indicate that you have a problem with the connection of the LCD cable.

Vertical lines all over the screen appear when the screen turns on. These lines can be red, blue, or white and can appear as thin lines or wider bands. They are usually due to an internal ribbon fault that connects the LCD screen.

If half of the screen does not show any image or appears in black, defective LCD replacement is often the only solution to this problem.

When the brightness of the screen becomes very low, it is likely that the backlight of your Lenovo laptop is defective and the LCD screen needs to be replaced.

Why use UAE Technician for Lenovo laptop screen replacement or repairs?

It is not recommended to attempt to replace a broken Lenovo screen yourself unless you are an IT professional. Replacing a broken screen on a laptop is not easy and mistakes can be expensive.

You must first know the reference of the broken screen to replace. With so many different types and sizes of laptop screens on the market, it’s not always easy to choose the identical replacement. Even if you can get a new screen that is the right size, the resolution or connections may be different. The simplest solution for replacing a broken screen is to use a computer maintenance company such as UAE Technician that specializes in repairing and changing screens on Lenovo laptops.

Another good reason to use UAE Technician is that the experience of our laptop repair technicians will test your Lenovo laptop and fix any component failure that causes a display problem. Some components such as inverters can be easily repaired if the fault diagnosis is correct, which can save you the cost of replacing the screen.

UAE Technician – Quick and economical solutions for troubleshooting and replacing Lenovo laptop screen

For a quick and cost-effective solution to all screen and display issues, take your HP notebook to UAE Technician. Our service center is open 24 hours and 365 days.

UAE Technician has been in the Lenovo computer and laptop repair business for over 10 years. Thus, our technicians are experts in troubleshooting and replacing Lenovo laptop screen.

Our experienced technicians are able to diagnose laptop display failures quickly and offer the most cost-effective solution for your broken screen. For example, if a faulty inverter is the cause of the failure, our technicians can repair or replace it and save you the cost of buying a new screen.

A broken screen that is cracked or the ink leaks cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. However, this is a much cheaper option than buying a new expensive Lenovo laptop. Our service center has a large stock of computer parts including gloss or matte inverters or screens in a range of sizes.

Contact UAE Technician

For quick and economical Lenovo laptop screen replacement or repair anywhere in UAE, contact us by email at info@uaetechnician.ae.  You can come and drop off your Lenovo notebook during business hours 24 hours.

If you are not able to come to our service center in Dubai, we offer a service and troubleshooting computer maintenance correspondence. Thus, you can send us your mobile by sending it to UAE Technician, F1 SYSTEMS LLC Address: Box No. 125076, Dubai, Emirates.

The fault diagnosis will be confirmed once the computer received in our computer repair center and a precise estimate will be communicated to you. After your agreement, the computer will be repaired and returned as soon as the payment of the repair is made by bank transfer or credit card.