Piggy information


Miniature pigs have gained popularity for a number of reasons. They make amazing pets because of their intelligence and because they are so affectionate. Miniature pigs are quite clean and have very few health problems. They are non-allergenic, do not shed and are not likely to get fleas. They love to play and usually get along great with other pets. They are great with children and make remarkable pets when given the proper love and attention.

Some of the different breeds we raise at Piggly Wiggly Mini Pigs are micro minis, super micros, teacups, Juliana and Micro mini-Juliana crosses. We love our little piggies and want them to go to excellent homes to make your life just as happy as it has made ours.

When you adopt babies from us, they will be well socialized and loving. They will have been vet checked and come with health papers. They will be dewormed and their needle teeth will be clipped.


Bringing Home your new baby


Bringing home your new baby pig will be very exciting and a new adventure filled with lots of fun. When you bring home your new baby, he/she may be a little scared since everything is new to them. Just hold your baby close and cuddle while talking to in a calm voice. Your baby should settle right in and come to love its new home and family. It is good to hold your baby and let them eat treats and piggie food from your hands for some good bonding. Your new baby will come to love and trust you more everyday. You may want to go ahead and have your new baby a nice comfy bed along with fuzzy blankets. They love to snuggle up and cover themselves in soft blankets. You may want to have an exercise or play pen for your little piggie while you are away instead of letting them roam freely in the house.


feeding and nutrition


For tiny pigs this size it is very important not to over feed. We provide the proper nutrition and quality vet care for our pigs. We do not inbreed or under feed our pigs to get their small size. Our babies are started off and fed a nutritionally complete balanced diet of oatmeal and mini youth piggie food. As babies, we also give them yogurt. When they are ready for their new homes you will need to have a complete mini pig food and treats. As the weeks go by you can start introducing them to veggies and fruits. These little piggies are very tiny and do not require much food. When you first get your new baby, only give 1/4 cup of piggie food in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. In between feedings they can have some veggies and fruits. Your piggie will require fresh water at all times. Never feed your pig dog or cat food!




Your little piggie will need a bath from time to time. You will want to bath your little pig in baby soaps and shampoos that will not burn their skin or eyes. We also use baby lotions and cream oils to moisturize the skin. We even clean their little ears with Q-tips. It is good to let your liitle baby go outside from time to time to run around and play in the dirt. They love rolling in the grass and rooting in the dirt. This is good and healty for them and is always fixable with a good ole bath.




Piggies love their naps. They love fuzzy blankets and soft beds. They like to burrow under their favorite blankets. They may even want to curl up and sleep with any other pets you may have. It is ok if you want to sleep with your piggie also.


potty training


We train our little piggies to potty outside like a puppy and we also litter train them. You need to use a litter pan that is easy for them to get in and out of. You may use large pine shavings or litter bedding, which ever you choose to use. You may even use puppy pads. Litter training is one of the easiest and fastest things your little pig will learn. They pick up on it in days. They like to potty in the same spot and that is what makes it so easy to train them. Make sure your new baby knows where their litter pan is and it is important for it to always stay in the same place and not be moved around the home.


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