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The specialized technicians of UAE Technician laboratories solve daily Server data recovery and use of any type or brand.

Whether it is an electrical or mechanical failure, data erasure or data loss, RAID controller failures or malfunctions in general, we are able to bring you back your data as soon as possible!

Server data recovery from a hard disk in a server’s RAID

Server data recovery dubaiBusiness storage systems are made up of many gigabytes of data and for this reason they must be seen as the entity that keeps the company’s vital lymph, its most valuable resource. The biggest fear of any organization is the loss of this critical information contained in storage devices. When data leaks and you do not have the ability to recover lost information from backup copies, you have to rely on a company that knows the technologies and understands the importance of your data and time, which is able to work with you on restoring these assets of the company.

File servers, application servers, mail servers, web servers, NAS devices (Quantum SNAP, Dell Power Vault, etc.) and various servers are the operating brain of most companies. The possible scenarios are so many. There may be single hard drives or multiple disks that exchange information or work individually, external peripherals or removable media.

We recover data from:

  • RAID Server Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Hard Disk Data Recovery
  • Pen Drive USB Data Recovery
  • Memory Card Recovery Data
  • Smartphone Data Recovery
  • Apple Data Recovery – MAC
  • Data Recovery from Laptop PCs
  • Recover Data from Ribbons and Tapes

Our laboratories have successfully recovered data from all storage media used in modern storage architectures integrated into different operating systems, such as:

NT / 2000 / 2003 Unix Novell
HPUX Macchine Virtuale VMWARE Linux
Item #2 Description Discount:
BSD SQL Exchange
NAS/LACIE NAS Seagate NAS Iomega
Nas Buffalo Nas Netgear Nas Qnap
Oracle AIX … And other

Regardless of the size, configuration, operating system or platform used, whether it’s a RAID, SAN, NAS or another storage system, our laboratories are able to reconstruct and retrieve your data.

Our staff of specialized technicians and our proprietary technologies has been specially developed to recover lost data from these storage systems. Thanks to our experience, the probability of success in recovering data from these complex storage systems is very high.

The most common symptoms of server malfunctions are:

  • The server does not start
  • Data is no longer accessible
  • Unable to access peripherals or partitions
  • An application is not executed or does not start
  • The data is incorrect
  • A hard disk drive failure
  • Crash of the hard disk
  • Damage caused by water or fire
  • Damage to the surface of the support
  • Incidental formatting of a partition
  • Accidental deletion of data

The complexity of modern server architectures adds additional error situations:

  • Fails in the RAID controller
  • Configuring damaged server logs
  • Occasional device failures (configurations are incorrect)
  • Accidental RAID Reconfiguration
  • Multiple Devices of Devices
  • Accidental replacement of itemsuaetechnician