Everyone knows very well that Sony is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics, with the core business of Technical products like Laptop, Desktop, Camera and entertainment electronics. The Group has been based in Minato, Tokyo since 2007.

At UAE Technician services centre you will find a comprehensive customer service. To optimize this service and speed up processing, the electronics manufacturer has separated its support by product category. Basically, it is recommended for any kind of contact you have access to or provide personal information, such as a phone number or email address so that UAE Technician can report back to you.

We will provide the full repairing services of Sony products like Sony Television, home cinema, home audio, reader eBook, cameras and camcorders, car entertainment systems, portable audio devices, storage media and rechargeable batteries

If you have problems with a device from these product areas, then you can contact one and the same service hotline of UAE Technician.

Our repairing services also include VAIO products as well as and other computer products as given below.

Sony Vaio Notebooks

Sony Laptops Workshops near you

All software and hardware errors are repaired

If the picture remains dark,

The microphone remains mute Issue

If the speakers do not work anymore

If the sound card is not working

If the network jack has a wiggle contact

If the display has been broken

If the hard drive makes strange noises

When the computer performance is getting slower

If you suspect a virus has spread.

Looking for a cheap and professional Notebook Repair services for your Sony Laptop

You are right here with UAE Technician


We offer you a professional and cheap notebook repair.  We are working as an independent services provider more than 10 years of experience in electronics and trained information electronics  in Dubai.

Do you have questions about your Sony Laptop repair? Simply use the direct wire in our workshop! Our technicians are happy to help you on 0557503724.

Our repair shop is specialized onto the repair of defective Laptops and Notebooks. Our Laptop Repair service is also responsible for the cleaning of your laptop and radio. You do not take any risk with the principle of cost estimate. You will receive detailed information about the amount of costs incurred before repairing the notebook. Of course, we also make a recommendation if a Sony repair should be uneconomical!

All notebooks from Sony brand are repaired by UAE Technician with minimum and cost effective time.

Sony Vaio  A to Z models
Sony Vaio Z
Sony Desktop Repair

Only for Sony TV, there is a special repair service: a technician comes directly to your home. In the run-up, it is clarified by telephone whether there is actually a defect, which must be repaired by a specialist. If this is the case, the service team will arrange a repair time with you. Even if a repair is not possible on site, UAE Technician team will pick up the device and return it to you after repair.

If there is any doubt, there is of course still the possibility to contact us in case of problems with any Sony device.

We offer our laptop repair; please contact the service team under the respective service hotline @ 0557503724.